hit a lick

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to perpetrate a robbery;
to seize an opportunity to get money
Collocates brick7, bitch6, bitch4, lac3, hoe3, I'mma3, shit3, snitch3, stack3, trick3, finna3, drive-by2, mack2, block2, come up2, clique2, snow2, twomp2, tryna2, cop2, crib2, dough2, down2, fin'2, green, H-town, haze, herb, hit switches, hit, homie, hood, hustle, jack, ki, mail, no doubt, Nolia, on the low low, paid, pimp, pistol-grip, player, projects, puff, rack, Range Rover, rock, scratch, scrilla, slang, slip, smooth, snatch, stack, steady, thug, U.P.T., Vogue, weed, with it, A-town, ball, barre, bid, bird, bish, blow, break off, cane, chicken, chips, chronic, crack, dip, Dirty South, dog, fed, flex, flip, G, G, game, gat
Domains Money
Related concepts 211, jook
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