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a gun
Categories Metonyms, Weapons
Collocates tote25, pack14, slang5, dump4, dump4, beef3, peeps3, bust3, clap3, deep3, hood3, let off3, on the low3, strapped3, homie2, hater2, mad2, blast2, biscuit2, clip2, creep2, Caddy2, thug2, yo2, shot2, roll with2, pop2, nuff2, double R, dust, Eagle, Fleetwood, flow, G, ghetto, gun-clapper, hella, herb, lick, Mac, mayne, mean-mug, metal, narc, no doubt, on point, ounce, PCP, phat, Phillie, pimp, player-hate, posse, projects, punk, rapper, re-up, rep, rhyme, ride, roll up, roll out, roscoe, round, shit, skeet, slip, slow your roll, slug, smoke, smoke, snitch, snub, son, stash spot, steady, steam, step to, stick-up kid, street-sweep, street-sweep, sucker, the A, three pound, thugged-out, toast, toast, touch, trife, triple gold, tryna, wig, word is bond, Y.G., locked, shit, -ass, 38, 40 side, 64, 9, Ac, as shit, beef, bitch, bitch, block, blow, bolo, booyah, bread, bubblegoose, buck, bumrush, burner, bust, bust, bust a cap, chrome, corner, crew, delf, dome-piece
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