Geto Boys


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Houston, Texas
Categories Cities, Locations
Collocates represent15, put it down14, represent10, rep9, A.T.L.7, candy6, D-town6, G5, hold it down5, off the chain5, swang5, I'mma5, player5, what it do5, A-town5, ball4, hoe4, mayne4, feel4, ride3, Cali3, grain3, clown3, rep3, grind3, in the house3, pound3, on lock3, syrup3, Dirty South3, swang3, drank2, around the way2, baller2, bitch2, block2, blow up2, blunt2, cat2, lean2, N.O.2, one deep2, ride2, purple drank2, shout-out2, soldier2, underground2, wreck2, yay2, homie2, cop2, time2, stripes2, deuces2, dope2, grill2, body-rock2, hustler2, throwed2, pimp, play, purple stuff, rep, representer, rhyme, ride, rider, roll up, scrilla, slab, slab, spitter, spliff, spot, straight up, stunt, swerve, thoed, throw up, thug, trip, V.A., vato, finna, weight, what's up, wood-grain, dough, fine, bar, playa-made, plex, slip, and shit, bout it, cook, dirt, for sure, for real, glock, hit a lick, jump off, regulate, slang, what it is, wreck shop, dog, muh'fuckin, third coast, sewed up, -ass, 3, 713, automatic, bank, barre, the Bay, bitch, bitch, brah, brick, buck, cane, cake, Chi-town, chop, clique, Clover, cold, cook up, corner, crunk, D's, deep, -iz-, flow, flow, fly, for real, freak, front, game, gang, gangsta, gangsta, ganja, ghetto, grown, hard, hard, hater, hate, Hennessy, holmes, hood, how we do, hustle, hustle, in the mix, Inglewood, it's on, jacker, keep it 100, M.I.A., mark, MC, mine, on the daily
Region Dirty South
Holonyms Dirty South
Synonyms 713, H, Hustletown
Related words A-town, Bucktown, Chi-town, C-town, D-town, Illtown, Oaktown, Sac-town, V-town

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