Geto Boys


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Houston, Texas
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Collocates represent11 put it down8 represent7 A.T.L.6 rep6 A-town4 candy4 clown3 G3 grind3 hold it down3 I'mma3 on lock3 player3 around the way2 baller2 block2 blunt2 body-rock2 cop2 D-town2 Dirty South2 dope2 feel2 grain2 hoe2 homie2 lean2 mayne2 pound2 purple drank2 ride2 ride2 shout-out2 swang2 syrup2 underground2 wreck2 yay2 3 ⋅ automatic ⋅ ball ⋅ bank bar bitch bitch bitch blow up ⋅ bout it ⋅ brick buck ⋅ Cali cat ⋅ Chi-town clique cook ⋅ corner ⋅ crunk D's deep ⋅ deuces dirt ⋅ dough drank ⋅ for sure ⋅ fine ⋅ -iz- ⋅ fly for real freak ⋅ front game gang ⋅ gangsta ganja ⋅ ghetto glock grill ⋅ grown ⋅ holmes ⋅ hood how we do hustler hustle Inglewood ⋅ it's on jump off ⋅ keep it 100 mine ⋅ muh'fuckin ⋅ N.O. ⋅ off the chain on the daily one deep ⋅ play ⋅ plex purple stuff ⋅ rep ⋅ representer ⋅ rhyme roll up ⋅ sewed up ⋅ slab slang soldier ⋅ spitter ⋅ spliff spot ⋅ stripes stunt swang ⋅ third coast throwed ⋅ throw up ⋅ thug time trip what it do what it is wood-grain wreck shop
Region Dirty south

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