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a guy;
a friend;
occasionally referring to oneself
Categories Terms of address
Collocates Medina6 word is bond4 dog3 on point2 ayo2 peace2 flavor2 yo2 bling cipher ⋅ crew dome dope double R down with ⋅ figures flex ⋅ for real hella I'mma iced-up Jamaica ⋅ keep it real kick ⋅ laced ⋅ mill ⋅ mine ⋅ murder murk no doubt ⋅ paper parlay push rap real ⋅ roll with Shaolin sheisty slammin ⋅ sleep on spit squad steez strapped tool trick ⋅ V.I. whip chill go hard peace ⋅ spliff trife four pound baby mama
Domains Five percent
Etymology after a Five-Percent Nation teaching
Synonyms cuddy homie slime vato wodie woe

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