The Treacherous Three

go off

intransitive phrasal verb
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to burst forth, often of an MC performing a rhyme
Collocates clique2 ballin ⋅ buster Casper go hard grill ⋅ hoe MC represent sawed-off shit ⋅ soft ⋅ stunt thugged-out
Domains Music
Etymology possibly from the analogous "explode", as a gun or a bomb "goes off"
Shout-outs Biz Markie Byron DJ Kay Slay Greg Street Kool Moe Dee Lil Keke
Synonyms body bring ⋅ bust kick ⋅ kill ⋅ put it down rep ⋅ represent rip ⋅ rock throw down turn it out wreck shop
Related concepts hold it down keep it real lock it down ⋅ maintain on point
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