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a Glock handgun
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Collocates tote25 4014 block10 99 rock7 pack5 let off5 spot5 opp5 pop5 round4 mayne4 blaow4 four pound3 ox3 cop3 sawed-off3 clip3 nina3 vest3 ox3 Calico3 AK3 thug2 guap2 chopper2 sack2 hood2 on lock2 hooptie2 slug2 442 bitch2 brick2 gangsta2 spit2 spit2 drop2 Eagle2 coke2 hater2 trap2 MAC-102 spray2 weight2 four fifth2 5-02 breezy2 642 chips2 bust2 hit switches2 floss fuck with G game head ⋅ gang ⋅ gauge ghetto heater G-ride Hennessy ⋅ 9 milli homie hundred spoke ⋅ indo in the cut 'jects Jacob knock boots hoodie knot knot Mac pop off ⋅ rocked up rocks ⋅ sherm mark ⋅ Medina politic ⋅ 24-7 rock Rari rhyme slang ice bring ⋅ serve ⋅ wodie blast ⋅ set ⋅ 8 automatic ⋅ 38 ⋅ stash spot ⋅ strap ⋅ spray up squeeze ⋅ glizzy on fleek figures gat toolie hollow-point ⋅ let off out of pocket blast ⋅ shit ⋅ slang Desert E chrome buck ⋅ 9 mill ⋅ Benz FN ⋅ cap ⋅ Beretta Range Rov fuck with oppa barre shotta H-town sav post up ⋅ straight up pad ⋅ stunt swang ⋅ Swayze thick ⋅ trey eight ⋅ fifth trill nuff trip weed yo projects shorty ⋅ spark ⋅ shot K ⋅ stack scrilla l TEC drop-top ⋅ DT 40 5000 blaze ⋅ bling buck ⋅ buckshot bust buster -ass bust a cap chop ⋅ clip break off ⋅ cock-block crackhead crazy Desert Eagle fa sheezy diesel ⋅ digits Chi-town diss dome click-clack
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Shout-outs 2Pac Bootleg DJ Pooh Double C E-Swift Tommy Hilfiger T-Pop
Synonyms glizzy

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