Too $hort

get your ____ on

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to proceed with ____;
to pursue ____;
to become ____
Collocates hustle8, freak3, grown3, thug3, bitch2, bling2, club2, fetti2, finna2, game2, grind2, loot2, paper2, player2, tryna2, 24-7, 9, bring, cake up, chill, chronic, Compton, crack, crew, dog, down, fed, figures, floss, flow, for sure, freak, front, gangsta, gat, ghost, hoe, homie, hot, jump off, ki, l, LBC, loc, loc'd, locs, mack, mail, MC, mean-mug, O.G., on swoll, ounce, rap, rap, represent, ride, ride, rolly, roll, roscoe, Sac-town, scratch, show and prove, slug, spit, strap, swag, talk shit, throw up, tight, tree, trife, commas, squad, I'mma, pound, 20-sack, baller, shot-caller, round, 83's, cop
Rhymes hold on, long, speak on

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