Kool G Rap & DJ Polo

four fifth

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a .45 caliber handgun
Categories Numbers, Weapons
Collocates clip6, bitch4, bust4, spit3, chucker3, crack3, I'mma2, fifth2, slug2, O.G.2, glock2, spark2, cop, crew, crib, dump, figures, flip the script, floss, fuck with, gat, hollow-tip, hot, ice, in the house, indo, leather, let off, live, mayne, melon, muffler, 9, pack, peel, Phillie, piff, ratchet, ride, rift, roll with, roll, round, shot, snub, spit, squeeze, strapped, talk shit, TEC, three pound, tight, tote, trip, whip, wood, yo, 211, air out, B, banana, bark, basehead, beef, bezel, blow, click-clack, clique
Related concepts 22, 38, 380, 44, blast, bust off, cap, clap, pop off, spit, spray, toast

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