The Sugarhill Gang


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Categories Accolades, Also Animal
Collocates bitch6, -ass5, hoe3, fresh3, kicks3, hella2, hoo-ride2, mad2, parlay2, rims2, swag2, whip2, word up2, yo2, as fuck2, as shit2, crew2, crazy2, def2, gators2, chinchilla, chronic, clock, crazy, Crooked I, crunked up, Cuban link, Dayton, digits, dime, dope, down with, Eagle, ecstasy, 84's, fine, 40 ounce, freak, fuckboy, gangsta, guap, H-town, hard, hardcore, hyna, holla, Hollis, homeboy, homegirl, hood, hood rich, hooptie, I'mma, indo, jawn, 'jects, juice, keep it real, kick, lac, laced-up, lick, low-low, locs, low-rider, no homo, pimp, pimp, pusher, push, re-up, retarded, rhyme, rhyme, ride, rip, rock, roll, run game on, saditty, sawed-off, shit, shit, sit on, skeezer, skins, spark, spit, spot, spray, squally, steady, stunt, swang, thizz, tryna, V.I., weed, whip, word, word is bond, yo, Rolls Royce, block, floss, threads, 45, 365, 5-0, 9, Ac, B.I., bae, bling, booty, bopper, brick, bud, bust, cavi, chain, chicken
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the 1870s
Synonyms bangin, bumpin, cavi, crunk, def, dirty, dope, fresh, hot, hype, ill, jiggy, laced, laced-up, phat, pimp, proper, slammin, tight

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