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unique style;
Collocates kick46, mad9, paper9, check6, hater5, yo5, old school4, peep4, player4, rapper4, rhyme4, spit4, cat3, drop3, feel3, game3, gangsta3, gangsta3, street3, underground3, -ass2, aight2, chill2, crew2, dome2, god2, in the mix2, in the house2, Kool-Aid2, no doubt2, rap2, represent2, shorty2, swag2, swagger2, wreck2, -iggity2, ayo, b-boy, bang, beamer, beat, beef, bitch, bite, blaow, blaze, block, bomb, boss, bust, Cali, clock, crazy, cream, dope, dunn, Dutch, phat, fiend, flex, floss, flow, flow, for sure, fuck with, game, gang, gators, ghetto, ghetto, ghost, hard, herb, hip-hop, hit, hype, I'mma, ill, ill, jam, L.I., label, MC, mellow, nahmsayin, new school, O.G., on point, chulo, peel someone's cap, pen, played-out, project, rap, rapping, raw, real, rock, rock, roll, roughneck, show out, sidepiece, simp, skins, smooth, snatch, soft, spit, stack, step off, sucker, swang, talk shit, tall, thug, tight, Timbs, tryna, uptown, word is bond, word up
Synonyms steelo, steez, swag, swagger

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