Daz Dillinger


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high-quality marijuana
Collocates blaze2 good2 homie2 roll up2 sack2 wodie2 club crack dope-fiend ⋅ dub ⋅ fiend ⋅ fuck with G gone ⋅ hoe holla at ⋅ I'mma indo kush l puff ⋅ puff ⋅ puff ⋅ reggie roll shorty ⋅ steam ⋅ thug toke ⋅ weed bitch zip bitch blaze up ⋅ blow ⋅ blunt bumba claat
Domains Drugs Marijuana
Shout-outs Ike Turner
Synonyms O.G. presidential sticky-icky

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