auxiliary verb
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Collocates bitch4 hit a lick2 act a fool2 stack Rari 310 A-town Benz biatch bust check ⋅ chill chips clip crew crunked up diss dog drop dump ends fifth gauge get your ____ on gram ⋅ hella ill ⋅ impala ⋅ jump off ⋅ kick ⋅ lean locs Mad Dog ⋅ mob ⋅ murk off the chain pack plex plug pop ⋅ put it down shit ⋅ shotty street ⋅ stunt Swisher telly throw shade top trey ⋅ turn it out twisted ⋅ twerk ⋅ wanksta and shit fed loc'd pump ⋅ yac perk neck drill ⋅ foe'nem ⋅ block hoe
Etymology from a colloquial pronunciation of fixin' to
Shout-outs Corvette Murs

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