The Click


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Collocates steady6, all about5, stack5, scrill3, paper3, long2, hoe2, fuck with2, block2, down2, dump2, ends2, cheese2, straight2, for real, ghost, get your ____ on, green, grind, grip, guap, heater, holmes, hustle, hustle, ice cream, lac, mash, mill, mob, murk, on the daily, on the grind, player, pop, pump, push, rock, scratch, snow, sucker, tall, third coast, trip, yay, yo, yola, I'mma, round, all about, ball, bitch, bitch, bout, bread, cake, cheddar, coochie, deep, dough, fin', for sure
Domains Money
Etymology perhaps from Spanish feria, meaning money
Related concepts long, tall

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