Sir Mix-A-Lot


transitive verb
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to understand, appreciate;
to like
Collocates realness7, H-town4, flavor3, keep it real3, on one3, swag3, bitch2, cholo2, holla2, keep it 1002, l2, Mo City2, ride2, scrill2, third coast2, thugged-out2, tool2, 25 with an L, A-town, all about, as shit, backpacker, beat, Benzo, blast, bout, bumrush, bust, Cali, come up, check, Chi-town, chopper, cuddy, dap, dog, down, drop, drop, dunn, fed, flow, for real, game, ghost, go hard or go home, grind, hip-hop, hype, I'mma, ice grill, illy, loc up, Lorenzo, mean-mug, metal, mill, 9 milli, Nolia, on the daily, on the low, on wax, pause, QBC, Queensbridge, rap, raw, raza, real, represent, scrub, 7 digits, shorty, shit, shot-caller, sleep on, spit, spray, steady, throw, throw up, thug passion, thug, to the fullest, tote, trap, true dat, vato, what it do, what the dilly, what the dealio, what's up, what up, wheels of steel, wodie, word is bond, yo
Synonyms underdig
Related concepts down, fuck with, vibe

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