Sir Mix-A-Lot


transitive verb
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to understand, appreciate;
to like
Collocates realness5 flavor3 H-town3 swag3 cholo2 glizzy2 holla2 keep it real2 l2 Mo City2 on one2 ride2 third coast2 tool2 25 with an L A-town all about ⋅ as shit backpacker beat Benzo bitch blast ⋅ Cali come up ⋅ check ⋅ Chi-town chopper cuddy d-boy dap dog down ⋅ drop drop dunn fed flow for real game ghost go hard or go home hip-hop hype ice grill illy Lex loc up locked ⋅ Lorenzo mill ⋅ muh'fucker 9 milli Nolia on the daily on the low on wax pause push QBC Queensbridge raw ⋅ raza real ⋅ represent ride ⋅ scrill scrub ⋅ 7 digits shorty ⋅ shit ⋅ shot-caller sleep on spit spray ⋅ throw ⋅ throw up ⋅ thug passion thugged-out thug to the fullest ⋅ tote trap true dat vato what it do what the dilly what the dealio what's up what up ⋅ wheels of steel wodie word is bond yo
Synonyms underdig
Related concepts down ⋅ fuck with vibe

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