Beastie Boys


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a guy;
specifically, a latino gangster
Categories Terms of address
Collocates loco4 gang2 I'mma2 keep it real2 roll2 weight2 barrio ⋅ blood ⋅ break it down ⋅ cholo Crip ⋅ dap dope down ⋅ down with ⋅ hit switches holmes ⋅ loco low-rider ⋅ mob ⋅ move on the grind on the real ⋅ PJs player-hate put it down simon ⋅ slug South Central ⋅ spit straight strap ⋅ throwed ⋅ yo
Domains Crime Spanish Violence
Etymology from Spanish ése, literally "that one"
Synonyms B ⋅ cholo dog G gangsta god homeboy homegirl ⋅ homie loc ⋅ mayne son vato wodie
Related concepts raza

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