6 senses cite examples mentioning DEA

1993 Pxmxwx "Still Smokin'" [Legalize 'Pass Tha Weed]
Man, not only fuck 5-0, fuck ATF, the DEA, and any other federal agent
1998-08-25 Indo G "Dead Men Don't Talk" feat. Project Pat [Angel Dust]
Is you is or is you ain't the DEA or cluckers?
1992-05-07 The Click "Mr. Flamboyant" [Down & Dirty]
Alcohol and tobacco bureau, feds, and the DEA
1995 Artifacts "Dynamite Soul II (Lip Service Remix)" feat. Mad Skillz [Dynamite Soul]
We don't play, we like the DEA, hops
2008-06-24 Immortal Technique "Parole (Evil Genius Mix)" [The 3rd World]
If you on stage with the DEA as your hype man, don't get yourself locked up and blame the white man
2001-05-22 Pastor Troy "Oh Father" [Face Off]
Fuck the system, the DEA sellin all the damn yay