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a guy;
a male friend
Categories Terms Of Address
Collocates yo5, thug2, stee2, hot one2, how we do2, clip, clique, Crooklyn, for real, fugazi, gangsta, gat, get busy, go hard, grimy, hit, hood, ice grill, in effect, l, Lex, maintain, parlay, pop off, QBC, Queensbridge, rap, represent, ride, rip, rolly, roll, roll deep, roll with, seed, slang, slug, static, straight up, tree, trey eight, wet, word up, yo, chill, Dutch, 40th side, feel, flavor, nickel nine, crazy, air out, automatic, check, click-clack
Etymology Derives from son
Synonyms B, dog, G, god, homeboy, homegirl, homie, loc, mayne, wodie
Related words delf, dolo

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