Kurtis Blow


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Collocates long11, stack9, crazy8, on the low7, clock5, caked up4, hoe4, rap4, flow3, mad3, 24-73, triple beam2, cake2, for sure2, 642, yo2, paper2, all about2, bread2, slow your roll2, cheese2, cream2, hella2, G2, guap2, hustle2, on the grind2, po-po2, loot2, fed2, fetti, figures, flip, freak, fugazi, game, gangbang, go hard, green, grind, H-town, havin' thangs, herb, hold it down, hood, Hot 97, hottie, I'mma, jock, keep it 100, loco, MC, money, money-maker, nahmean, O.Z., on lock, onion, pimp, pump, push someone's wig back, rapper, re-up, rep, ride, rock, roll, scrilla, shit, Smith & Wess, snow, spit, steady, stick-up kid, stunt, trap, trap, trick, trife, underground, wannabe, wodie, yay, bank, 24-7-365, peel someone's cap, 24, Range Rov, clique, flip, front, hit a lick, krill, mail, yo, dro, 5-0, A-town, Ac, Air Max, bag, battle, block, blow up, blow, booty, bozack, brain, brick, candy, chicken, chips, Clover, crew, dope-boy, eightball, indo
Domains Money
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the 1850s
Related concepts long, tall

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