Point Blank


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a guy
Antonyms bitch
Collocates keep it real7, I'mma6, bitch5, go hard4, god3, on lock3, yo3, baby mama2, ball2, beef2, biscuit2, bitch2, block2, bruh2, cold2, double R2, floss on2, fuck with2, game2, grind2, hoe2, let off2, max2, murk2, O.G.2, on the low2, real2, roll2, shotty2, swag2, tote2, trife2, trife2, what's up2, whip2, ya heard2, -ass, 20, 24-7, 313, 5-0, 9, ayo, all about, B, backpack, baller, beefing, bird, boulder, Brick City, brick, bust a nut, cabbage, Caddy, cake, cane, cat, celly, check, cheddar, chicken, chicken, chromed-out, cook, corner, correct, CP3, crew, crunk, cuh, Cutty, deuces, dome, dope-boy, double O.G., eightball, ends, fade, feel, fifth, fin', finna, flip, floss, fa sheezy, for real, for real, front, fuck with, fugazi, fully, G, gangsta, ghost, grass, gun-clapper, H-town, heater, hit, hit a lick, holla, holla at, hollow-point, homie, honey, hood rich, hooptie, how we do, hustle, hype-man, iced-out, it's on, joint, kick, killer, raza, Land, LBC, Lex, loco, locster, long, Lorenzo, mack daddy, mail, maintain, MC, melon, mob, murder, nickel, 9 milli, Nolia, off the heezy, off the hook, on lock, on point, Optimo, pen, play, play, props, puff, pull someone's card, punk, rap, rapper, raw, represent, represent, round, shank, sheisty, shife, shit, shit, show and prove, simp, slanger, sleep on, slang, snitch, snub, soldier, son, stack, steady, steelo, step to, strapped, street, stunt, sweat, TEC, the Bay, thug, thug, thugged-out, triple O.G., vato, vest, weight, wet, what it do, what it do, what it is, what's crackin', wodie
Synonyms B, G, god, homeboy, homegirl, homie, loc, mayne, son, wodie

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