transitive verb
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to kill (in any of various senses)
Collocates bitch5 yo3 beef3 I'mma2 shit2 block2 crew2 shot2 spit2 freak ⋅ front fuck with game got head ⋅ honey ⋅ hood ice it's on jook lead ⋅ let off maintain mine ⋅ P.O. ⋅ pop ⋅ pop off ⋅ rap represent rhyme rift ⋅ seed ⋅ shorty ⋅ squad sucker threads wet wild out ⋅ yo 357 ⋅ beat boo brick bummy ⋅ chickenhead crib drop science
Domains Violence
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the late 1300s
Shout-outs Advil Eminem Medellín Redford Rudy Giuliani Ted Bundy

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