Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five


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a residence
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Collocates D4, baby mama3, cop2, cake2, max2, chill2, cool2, l2, Cali2, on the low2, bubblegoose, club, cock, cold, cool out, Cristal, cut up, dead, digits, dope, down, drop it like it's hot, gaffle, go hard, hit a lick, homie, honey, hood, hustler, hype, iced-out, indo, iron, knock boots, kush, mom dukes, Mac, mad, narc, 9, off the chain, on the grind, P.O., piff, pimp, po-po, pop, retarded, ride, rims, sawed-off, shoe, shotty, sheisty, sit on, slide, slide, snatch, stack, strapped, TEC, telly, thizz, Timbs, tryna, whip, wifey, word up, Y.G., yo, yo, Caddy, Rari, Lambo, skrt, tool, thot, four fifth, 'jects, on the DL, drop a dime, beef, bitch, A.T.L., boulder, fit, -ass, 6, ball, Benz, Benzo, bling, blow up, blunt
Synonyms pad
Related concepts stay
Rhymes swig

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