Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five


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Collocates D4 baby mama3 cake2 Cali2 chill2 cool2 dope2 fed2 l2 on the low2 fit -ass four fifth 6 ball ⋅ beef Benz Benzo bid bitch blow up ⋅ blunt boulder bubblegoose bugged-out Caddy club cock cold ⋅ cool out ⋅ cop Cristal ⋅ cut up dead digits down ⋅ drop it like it's hot drop a dime ⋅ gaffle hit a lick homie honey ⋅ hood hustler hype iced-out indo iron 'jects knock boots kush Lambo mom dukes ⋅ Mac mad max 9 off the chain on the DL on the grind P.O. ⋅ piff pimp ⋅ pimped out po-po Rari retarded ride ⋅ rims shoe ⋅ shotty sheisty sit on skrt slide ⋅ slide ⋅ snatch ⋅ snitch ⋅ strapped TEC telly thizz thot Timbs tool wifey ⋅ word up ⋅ Y.G. yo yo
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