The Fatback Band


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a group of people formed around a particular interest (e.g. rap, breakdancing, graffiti, etc.);
one's friends
Collocates chill4 MC4 beef4 down with4 floss3 hoe3 wack3 thick3 posse3 club3 dolo3 rhyme2 bone out2 Bucktown2 bumrush2 corner2 dead2 fed2 fly2 hot2 hot one2 how we do2 I'mma2 in effect2 clique2 lifted2 murk2 nuff2 Phillie2 rep2 spray up2 neck2 street2 tote2 trife2 word up2 beamer2 gang2 old school2 roll with2 dap2 flavor2 dime diss dough down with ⋅ figures finna four fifth front front on ⋅ fugazi god hater heat herb holla at ⋅ Hollis ⋅ homeboy hood hustle hyphy iced-out illy j's keyed kick ⋅ LBC lean let off Lex live ⋅ long Mac mack ⋅ max mean-mug Melph ⋅ New Jeru nina 9 O.Z. on the d-low one deep ⋅ 187 peace ⋅ peace out pig ⋅ Piru player plex pound ⋅ Queensbridge rapping ⋅ ride ⋅ roll run a train serve ⋅ 7 digits shorty ⋅ 64 skeezer sleep on smoke ⋅ spark ⋅ spit squad static street-sweep stripes stunt sucker duck talk shit ⋅ 3-stripe thugged-out thug tight tool tree True 2 ⋅ uz what it do what it do wodie wick-wack word is bond ya heard yo bait ⋅ spit 22 ⋅ bust dumb out ⋅ in the cut lead ⋅ low-low mash out murder represent shot-caller sit on Strong Island trife wet up ⋅ Zenith hype muh'fucker green mack ⋅ true dat peep sucker what the dilly Ace of Spades crack -ass 215 212 ⋅ 718 act like you know ⋅ aight ⋅ AK ⋅ angel dust Audi back in the day beef biatch Benz blaze ⋅ booty ⋅ bozack burner Calio chicken clap ⋅ clip cool out ⋅ cop mad New Jeruz pack rap represent shout-out ⋅ slug smoke ⋅ snitch ⋅ stack vest ⋅ crazy cuff D's Dayton dead president deaded DJ
Synonyms clique squad

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