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crack cocaine
Collocates hustle14 slang7 corner7 fiend7 cook5 pusher5 dope4 go hard4 game3 D3 powder3 hood3 package3 trap3 move3 gangbanger3 gat3 slanger3 coke3 slab2 fuck with2 stack2 skunk2 hustle2 spot2 flip2 I'mma2 dime2 202 brick2 wack2 weight2 thug2 wooler2 cat2 sling2 homeboy2 yac2 back in the day2 rap2 rapper2 clucker2 narc2 sack2 weed2 po-po2 rap2 figures fire four fifth front gank gat heron hustle -iggity j herb Jordans ⋅ ki kilo ⋅ la lac Lex MAC-10 ⋅ mad mail max mota nickel O.G. O.G. ounce ⋅ puff ⋅ pump ⋅ push pusher raw ⋅ rhyme rhyme sayer RICO serve ⋅ sess rapping ⋅ spark up spliff gangsta sling ⋅ homie piff son 5-0 cop crew triple beam wack wodie uptown ⋅ trap white yay yo stack tree syrup ⋅ true dat zip pack 9 mill ⋅ beef Bompton cluck fiend ⋅ dank ⋅ ghetto hit a lick hydro jook loc'd out nick puff ⋅ rep ⋅ Sprewell gun-clapping blaze up ⋅ mayne dope-boy crack pipe push someone's wig back pack rock straight tryna cock-diesel candy ⋅ Mac on wax tote bando game bitch chronic ⋅ paper check ⋅ 365 broccoli chucker 40 ounce 6 A1 Ac -ass bag ⋅ bag ⋅ blaze ⋅ block backpacker blunt Brooklawn bust bust a cap Calio def DT green hit ⋅ hood rich in the mix keep it real kicks loco Medina roll smoke ⋅ crackhead Dutch dope-fiend ⋅ ecstasy grimy fed
Domains Cocaine Drugs
Synonyms boulder cavi crack rock hard hard white krill rock slab

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