Kurtis Blow


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a nightclub
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Collocates make it rain17, thug6, bub6, crunk5, hoe5, baby mama4, mean-mug4, thugged-out4, telly4, chicken4, mean-mug4, tryna3, blow3, tool3, bitch3, chill3, cool3, crew3, stunt3, fresh3, off the chain3, go hard3, dump2, top2, dub2, figures2, Chi-town2, grimy2, hood2, j's2, strapped2, V.I.2, wild out2, on the low2, clique up2, pop2, front2, slug2, bands2, snub2, crunked2, yac2, yo2, -ass2, bug2, as shit2, turnt up2, A-town2, fuckboy, faded, game, gangsta, hella, spray up, sprung, crib, buck-fifty, flossed out, e'ry, Dutch, nickel, dime, 20-sack, brain, weed, Forgis, hip-hop, skrt, Audi, fire, wodie, chain, floss, mayne, 84's, player-hate, killer, chill out, I'mma, knock out the box, 9 milli, shot-caller, big-baller, bout, icy, iced-up, O, no homo, ox, parlay, peep, pine, pop, puff, punk, purp, rack, re-up, rep, ride, rims, roll deep, sack, 7 digits, shorty, shit, shorty, shotty, show out, skeeze, skunk, slang, slizzard, spray, stack, swag, throw a set, trey pound, tree, trife, trife, trip, turn it out, turnt, wet, what it do, wheels of steel, word is bond, in the cut, MC, ice grill, nickel sack, off the heezy, off the hook, on point, ride, the Bay, bang, uz, toolie, homeboy, dap, homie, clip, screwface, AP, on froze, chop, crazy, crunked up, fit, aight, air out, all about, around the way, Henny, high-saditty, hip-hop, holla at ya boy, hood rich, hootie hoo, hottie, hype, 84, as fuck, b-boy stance, back in the day, ball, Benz, biatch, biatch, billy, blunted, booyaka, bopper, bumrush, chill, chips, Chuck T's, ghetto, ice grill, jam, Lambo, live, loco, mack, mash out, max, fiend, half-stepping, crunk, crunk juice, 40 ounce, hater, dap, deuces
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the 1890s
Related concepts chill, chill out, cool, cool out, in effect, in full effect, in the cut, in the house, in the mix, parlay

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