Willie D


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a promiscuous woman
Categories Also animal
Collocates bitch5 cluck2 Medina2 all about ⋅ as fuck clucker come up ⋅ crackhead dead dime dome ends front fuck with fuck with geah ⋅ hoe holla ⋅ honey ⋅ hoochie mama hood-rat I'mma icy jump off ⋅ on the low paid roll with saditty skeezer thug whip word up
Domains Women
Etymology from the resemblance of the head's motion while performing oral sex to that of a walking chicken's
Shout-outs Nate Dogg Pasadena Rah Digga
Synonyms bop bopper breezy bust down chicken hoochie hoochie mama hood-rat nat nat nat skeeze skeezer stunt thot thottie

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