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Chicago, Illinois
Categories Locations
Collocates player6, A.T.L.5, Cali5, hoe4, represent3, block3, club2, Dirty South2, Philly2, pimp2, what's up2, yo2, V.A.2, thug2, in the house2, pimp2, sick2, gangsta2, A-town2, ayo2, bitch2, B-more, baller, bitch, boss, brawl, check, hip-hop, holla, hood, hood, hottie, knock out the box, LBC, MC, mob, no doubt, O.G., off the chain, pie, pimp, rap, raw, represent, rock, roll, roll deep, Sac-town, Shaolin, shout-out, slang, smoke, snow, the Bay, to the fullest, turn it out, weed, what it is, what up, wreck, yayo, yo, clique, straight, uptown, act like you know, hay, BK, blood, cheddar, cheese, cold, come up, Compton, Crip, crunk, dro, DT, feel, flow, for sure, fuck with, get busy, glock, H-town, aight
Region Mid West
Synonyms Chi-city

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