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Chicago, Illinois
Categories Locations
Collocates player6, A.T.L.5, Cali5, hoe4, block3, represent3, A-town2, ayo2, bitch2, club2, Dirty South2, gangsta2, in the house2, Philly2, pimp2, pimp2, sick2, thug2, V.A.2, what's up2, yo2, act like you know, aight, B-more, baller, bitch, BK, blood, boss, brawl, check, cheddar, cheese, clique, cold, come up, Compton, Crip, crunk, dro, DT, feel, flow, for sure, fuck with, get busy, glock, H-town, hay, hip-hop, holla, hood, hood, hottie, knock out the box, LBC, MC, mob, no doubt, O.G., off the chain, pie, pimp, rap, raw, represent, rock, roll, roll deep, Sac-town, Shaolin, shout-out, slang, smoke, snow, straight, the Bay, to the fullest, turn it out, uptown, weed, what it is, what up, wreck, yayo, yo
Region Mid West
Synonyms Chi-city

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