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Chicago, Illinois
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Collocates player6 hoe4 A.T.L.3 bitch2 club2 Cali2 gangsta2 in the house2 cheese2 pimp2 Dirty South2 thug2 ayo2 crunk dro DT feel flow for sure ⋅ fuck with glock H-town hay ⋅ hip-hop holla ⋅ hottie knock out the box MC mob ⋅ no doubt ⋅ O.G. pie ⋅ pimp ⋅ raw ⋅ represent rock roll deep Sac-town Shaolin smoke ⋅ the Bay uptown ⋅ weed what up ⋅ wreck ⋅ yayo yo sewed ⋅ Chiraq Philly ⋅ pimp ⋅ yo baller ⋅ bitch BK brawl ⋅ check ⋅ cheddar clique cold ⋅ come up
Region Midwest

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