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Collocates stack6, G4, D4, all about4, tree4, lettuce3, on the low3, hella3, I'mma3, roll2, green leaf2, fuck with2, green2, gouda2, bitch2, bread2, cheddar2, Chi-town2, in the cut2, D's2, dough2, feta2, loot2, fetti2, weed2, tryna2, grind, grip, hate on, hoe, hollow-tip, hood-rat, hustler, iced-out, joint, loco, long, luchini, mad, max, MC, murk, nickel, Olde E, paper, projects, rack, rap, ride, rock, sawed-off, scratch, scrilla, shorty, show out, slang, squeeze, steelo, straight, thugged-out, trap, wodie, word up, wreck, yaper, lac, -ass, 40, 44, ayo, baller, beat, bout, cake, cap, check, Chuck T's, clock, connect, crazy, cream, Cuban link, DT, figures, finna, flip, floss, G, game, go hard
Domains Dairy, Money
Related concepts government cheese, long, tall

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