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Collocates stack5 D4 G4 all about3 lettuce3 bitch2 Chi-town2 dough2 feta2 fuck with2 green leaf2 I'mma2 on the low2 tryna2 lac -ass 40 44 ⋅ ayo baller ⋅ beat bread cake cap ⋅ check ⋅ cheddar Chuck T's clock ⋅ connect crazy cream Cuban link ⋅ D's DT fetti figures finna flip ⋅ floss G game gouda green grind hate on ⋅ hella hoe hollow-tip ⋅ hood-rat hustler iced-out in the cut loco loot ⋅ luchini mad max murk nickel Olde E paper projects rack rap rock sawed-off scratch ⋅ scrilla shorty ⋅ show out slang squeeze ⋅ steelo straight thugged-out trap tree weed wodie word up ⋅ wreck ⋅ yaper
Domains Dairy Money
Synonyms bank bread broccoli cabbage cake celery cheddar chips commas cream decimals digits dinero dough ends feta fetti figures gouda green guac guacamole guap lettuce lucci luchini mail pape paper papes root of evil scrill scrilla snaps trap yaper

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