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Categories Abbreviations, Locations
Collocates dro9, weed6, Chi-town5, kush5, cavi4, Calico4, chill3, blow3, bitch3, H-town3, roll3, crib2, lean2, 642, burn2, chronic2, Sac-town2, the A2, rep2, G2, lick off, life, hundred spoke, ball, buddha, bust, BX, connect, homie, hood, Illtown, Jacob, keyed, drop, Dutch, drank, game, feel, fade, Fleet, low-low, fin', mack, max, Medina, Philly, purp, realness, shit, shot, Slauson, sticky-icky, swag, sweet, the Bay, U.P.T., white-wall, yo, Caddy, T-Dot, I'mma, plug, flavor, player, Brick City, AK, come up, candy, tote, chief, hoe, loc up, Cadillac, D's, good, cop, block, blow, blunt, body-rock, bounce, bud, sess, chief, CP3, Crooklyn, dip, dome, go hard, green, green leaf, hard, haze, hella, nahmean
Region West Coast
Meronyms 310, 415, 510, Compton, CPT, Crenshaw, Inglewood, LBC, O, Oaktown, South Central, V-town
Synonyms Califas
Rhymes alley, me, Rallys, UPT

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