The Dismasters


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a contemptible person;
a coward
Categories Insults
Collocates -ass10 hustler6 sucker4 straight3 clucker3 dump3 player-hate3 soldier3 hater3 punk2 roll on2 ruckus2 hard2 skanless2 slug2 trill2 baller2 front2 player-hate2 G gangsta gauge ghetto bird ghetto-fabulous glock go off high-top fade hoo-ride hustle Jacob mack ⋅ make moves ⋅ new jack O.Z. on the grind on wax peel someone's cap peep play ⋅ player-hating ride ⋅ roll roll roll with roll up ⋅ round ⋅ shot-caller slang snitch ⋅ snitch ⋅ spray ⋅ stunt sweat ⋅ time tote trick ⋅ wannabe ⋅ fed skeezer simp 40 baby mama bar bitch bumba claat bust cane Casper Chuck Taylors clown ⋅ cluster ⋅ D's ends fiend ⋅ front front on ⋅ fuck with
Synonyms bitch fuckboy herb punk puto sucker sucker duck wack wick-wack

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