Too $hort

bust a nut

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to orgasm
Collocates bitch4, -ass2, bust2, bust a cap2, down2, hoe2, baby mama, bands, biatch, blunt, booty, brain, brick, bust, cock, dog, dope, fiend, finna, freaky, gat, homie, hoodie, I'mma, joint, kush, mack, on the DL, purple, rap, raw, rhyme, Swayze, that's what's up, trey pound, twerk, uncut
Domains Sex
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the 1930s
Etymology Derives from bust
Related concepts bag up, booty, booty call, break off, bust a move, cut up, freak, hook-up, jump-off, knock boots, nut, play, raw, skull, sprung, swing low, wet, wild-thing
Related words nut

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