Jayo Felony


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a brick-shaped package of cocaine or some other drug, typically amounting to 36 ounces
Categories Quantities
Collocates front10, nick8, chop7, hit a lick7, flip7, cop7, move6, weight6, whip5, bitch5, chicken4, cook4, yay3, triple beam3, mad3, hustle3, dime3, fed3, clique3, O.G.2, ounce2, plug2, re-up2, rolly2, coke2, chips2, bando2, bag2, 62, trap2, cook up2, crack2, hard white2, hustle2, I'mma2, ki2, double R, double R, dough, dro, e'ry, elbow, figures, fish scale, fly, fuck with, fully, G up, game, gangsta, big up, glock, gram, green, gutter, H-town, hammer, head, hella, herb, hit, hoe, hood rich, in the cut, Ion, ish, jock, jump off, kicks, knock, lean, loco, long, Mo City, nickel, on the grind, onion, pack, paper, peeps, pimp, powder, purp, push, pusher, quarter, raw, rock, roll with, scrilla, semi, serve, Shaolin, shot-caller, slang, snatch, snow, squeeze, stack, stash, steelo, stripes, third coast, tool, trip, uptown, uptown, weed, whip, with it, wodie, zip, bag, hundred-pack, eightball, AK, as fuck, bands, beef, bird, biscuit, bitch, block, bopper, boulder, bread, Brooklawn, bust a nut, bust off, cane, cake, Calio, cat, chopper, chop up, clip, connect, cop, crazy, Crooklyn, cut, D, D, dead, dime, dog, dope, dope-boy
Domains Drug Sales
Synonyms bird, cake, chicken, pie

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