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a promiscuous woman;
a groupie
Antonyms dime, dimepiece, honey, honey-dip, hottie
Categories Insults
Collocates bop3, steady3, swang2, candy2, I'mma2, chopper2, dick2, hate2, hater2, pimp2, fly, 4, freak, game, gators, hella, hit switches, hoe, in the mix, jock, paper, peep, player, proper, raw, roll deep, simp, slab, spit, tryna, whip, off the hook, chicken, stunt, come up, creep, ride, block, brick, caked up, chop, clown, club, down, fiend, fine
Domains Women
Related concepts baby-mama, chula, fatty, scrub, skin, squally
Related words bop

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