The Fatback Band


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musical rhythm, typically underscoring a rap performance
Collocates body13, dope11, rock6, rap6, 8085, -ass5, phat5, murder5, rhyme4, peeps4, cavi3, def3, drop3, fresh3, gangsta3, hip-hop3, hot3, I'mma3, kick3, MC3, on lock3, on point3, on wax3, rhyme3, wack3, yo3, block3, thick2, 24-72, bang2, biatch2, shiznit2, bump2, bust2, peep out2, nahmsayin2, thump2, sure shot2, chill2, DJ2, down with2, flow2, ghetto2, hype2, murk2, ill, it's all good, j's, keep it real, drop knowledge, lac, laced-up, lifted, loc, luchini, narc, no homo, off the meat rack, on lock, on the grind, on the cut, on the daily, on the low, on the regular, one deep, paper, played-out, pop, posse, rack, rap, re-up, real, recognize, rep, retarded, rhyme sayer, ride, rip, rock, sack, scratch, serve, shit, sick, simp, slab, slang, spark up, spit, sprung, stupid, sucker, sweet, threads, 3-stripe, tight, trife, True, trump tight, tryna, turnt up, weed, what it do, what up, whip, wild on, word, wreck, X.O., ya heard, Alpine, -iggity, freak, gangsta lean, it's on, pusher, time, chill, diss, 5th Ward, back in the day, bangin, beef, Benz, bitch, BK, bomb, boogie-down, booty, break it down, bruh, bumrush, Caddy, cheese, chronic, cluck, clucker, cop, CP3, crack, crunk, dead, dookie, fed, feel, 5-0, flavor, flow, G, ghetto-fabulous, go hard, go hard in the paint, gouda, hella, Henny, herb, homegirl, hoo-ride, hood, hooptie, hot one, hype, hyphy
Domains Music
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the 1930s
Related concepts beat biter

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