LL Cool J


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leaving now;
Collocates hoe2 nahmsayin2 peace2 boss ⋅ bout it ⋅ club Forgis G Hennessy ⋅ Henny hit ⋅ mail MC po-po ride ⋅ roll deep 64 skins ⋅ skrt son spot ⋅ step off ⋅ yo G yo
Domains Proprietary
Etymology refers to the Audi 5000 automobile; probably derives from the similar sound to colloquial English "outtie"
Synonyms 5000 Audi 5 Audi 5000
Related concepts bounce ⋅ bust out ⋅ dip ⋅ slide ⋅ stab out
Related words Audi 5000

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