Young Thug
Young Thug

cited at 81 senses as a primary artist, including:

2016-02-05 Young Thug "F Cancer" feat. Quavo [I'm Up]
Perky, gas, molly, trappin', we got plenty options
2016-08-26 Young Thug "Guwop" feat. Migos, Young Scooter [No, My Name Is JEFFERY]
Feed 'em perkys, I'm the doctor
2016-08-26 Young Thug "Harambe" [No, My Name Is JEFFERY]
I'm on a perky pill
2014-11-18 Young Thug "Im fo Real" [Brick Squad]
I'm just boolin' in that Phantom, drinkin' on bool-aid
2015-04-16 Young Thug "Dream (feat. Yak Gotti)" feat. Yak Gotti [Barter 6]
Catch me boolin' with my dogs
2016-03-25 Young Thug "Tattoos" [Slime Season 3]
Boolin', I'm lazy
2015-10-31 Young Thug "Mind Right" [Slime Season 2]
Geeked out, get my toes pierced
2015-09-16 Young Thug "Mine" [Slime Season]
Up in niggas' towns with my Zoe Pounds
2015-04-16 Young Thug "Constantly Hating" feat. Birdman [Barter 6]
You're gonna make a nigga beg you to pour? Okay, bool
2015-04-16 Young Thug "With That" feat. Duke [Barter 6]
Yes, you not cool, no, you not bool
2015-09-16 Young Thug "Wanna Be Me" [Slime Season]
Even if you a lame, you bool if you stay in ya lane
2015-10-31 Young Thug "Big Racks" feat. Lil Uzi Vert [Slime Season 2]
I'm so bool that these bitches are acceptin' it
2016-02-05 Young Thug "My Boys" feat. Lil Durk, Ralo, Trouble [I'm Up]
Smash Brothers said we bool
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2019-10-11 Casanova "So Drippy" feat. Gunna, Young Thug [Behind These Scars]
Matching Pateks and a Presi'
2019-09-06 EARTHGANG "Proud Of U" feat. Young Thug [Mirrorland]
Flood your bank account with all the celery
2015-05-26 Boosie Badazz "On Deck" feat. Young Thug [Touchdown 2 Cause Hell]
Ian lost a street war yet, I'm a anybody killer
2014-05-21 PeeWee Longway "Juice" feat. Young Thug [Blue M&M]
Sippin' and spillin', pour 8 in the deuce
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origin: Atlanta, Georgia, USA