Young Roddy
Young Roddy

cited at 4 senses as a primary artist, including:

2013-04-01 Young Roddy "This One" [Good Sense 2]
Shit, my d-game official, real talk, being broke was a big issue
2013-04-01 Young Roddy "Rap Check" feat. Le$ [Good Sense 2]
Free my cousin Mall, He in the feds
2014-10-25 Young Roddy "Thank God" [Legal Dealing]
Pops was a D boy, selling that shit
2013-04-01 Young Roddy "504 Radio" feat. 3d Na'tee [Good Sense 2]
Got feds on my trail from all this money that I make
2012-06-01 Curren$y "Lost in the Bossness" feat. Trademark Da Skydiver, Young Roddy [The Stoned Immaculate]
Rollie never set for quality time