Young Money
Young Money

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2009-12-19 Young Money "Everygirl In The World" [We Are Young Money]
Every high-saditty chick, every college girl, every skeezer
2009-12-19 Young Money "Pass The Dutch" [We Are Young Money]
Famous bitches doin nose candy all around me
2009-12-19 Young Money "Ms. Parker" feat. Gudda Gudda [We Are Young Money]
Frost bit, Gudda got ice like a cooler
2014-03-11 Young Money "Moment" feat. Lil Wayne [Young Money: Rise of an Empire]
Got pure coke, brand new birds, we get 'em as soon as they hatch, slime
2014-03-11 Young Money "Lookin' Ass Nigga" feat. Detail, Nicki Minaj [Young Money: Rise of an Empire]
Look at y'all, sharin' one bottle in the club, one bottle full of bub ass niggas
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2006-06-06 DJ Khaled "Holla At Me" feat. Cool & Dre, Fat Joe, Lil Wayne, Paul Wall, Pitbull, Rick Ross [Listennn... the Album]
It's Cash Money, baby, it's Young Money, biatch
2009-12-19 Young Money "Girl I Got You" [We Are Young Money]
Ha! Young Money, we so paid
2012-09-03 Lil Wayne "Magic" feat. Flo [Dedication 4]
It's Young Money, we out'chea, we turnt up, bout that life

origin: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA