2003-04-29 Sticky Fingaz "Let's Do It" feat. Columbo, X-1 [Decade '...But Wait It Gets Worse]
Streetsweepin 'em up, niggaz deals is suckers
1998-06-02 Onyx "React" feat. 50 Cent, Bonifucco, X-1 [Shut 'Em Down]
Half dead, close to ghost, yo, you heartless
2002-07-09 Onyx "Hold Up" feat. Havoc, X-1 [Bacdafucup Part II]
Car titles get lost, some niggaz get jooked
2003-04-29 Sticky Fingaz "Just Like Us" feat. Geneveese, X-1 [Decade '...But Wait It Gets Worse]
One pump of the sawed-off and your squad'll be hauled off
1998-06-02 Onyx "The Worst" feat. Killa Sin, Method Man, Raekwon, X-1 [Shut 'Em Down]
So what the bumba claat?!
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1998-06-02 Onyx "Street Nigguz" feat. X-1 [Shut 'Em Down]
But it's X-1, kid, in the luxury Lex