cited at 30 senses as a primary artist, including:

2007-02-27 Wisemen "Honor's Promise" [Wisemen Approaching]
I still peep you, talking fast and hustling cream
2007-02-27 Wisemen "Introducing (No Matter How)" [Wisemen Approaching]
Food for thought in your cabbage space, your brains I elevate
2007-02-27 Wisemen "Up There Beyond" [Wisemen Approaching]
Said that sleep is the cousin of death, not a wink
2007-02-27 Wisemen "Verbal Joust" [Wisemen Approaching]
Approachable MC's with coke lines on the reg
2007-02-27 Wisemen "Verbal Joust" [Wisemen Approaching]
Came from a cave, where we toast with lead
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origin: Detroit, Michigan, USA