Will Smith
Will Smith

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1999 Will Smith "La Fiesta" [Willennium]
The hottest mami chula from Cuba, a cutie with promise
1999-11-16 Will Smith "Can You Feel Me?" feat. Eve [Willennium]
Got your dudes with the Lex and the Roves
1999-11-16 Will Smith "I'm Comin'" feat. Traknox [Willennium]
Watch the Illadelph bad boy go quote for quote
1999 Will Smith "Can You Feel Me?" feat. Eve [Willennium]
Why you in the V-I, E-V-E too fly to drop by
1999 Will Smith "Will 2K" feat. K-Ci [Willennium]
True dat, yo, London, uh, come on
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1987-03-19 DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince "Just One of Those Days" [Rock The House]
She looked me in the face and said, "Prince, you're suspended." I said, "You're tripping."

origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA