2005-05-29 Lil' Flip & Z-Ro "Never Take Me Alive" feat. Black Al Kapone, Trae, Will-Lean [Kings of The South]
Keeping the khakis creased, cruising quickly in the Crentley
2005-05-29 Lil' Flip & Z-Ro "Screwed Up Click" feat. C-Note, Point Blank, Will-Lean [Kings of The South]
I'm doing a buck fifty, y'all niggaz can't buck with me
2000-04-25 E.S.G. "Money & Power" feat. Lil' O, Ronnie Spencer, Will-Lean [City Under Siege]
Waving at these haters, with my wrist frost bit
2003-07-22 C-Note "Wa-La" feat. Will-Lean [Street Fame]
Convertible black Rolls, spinning on 84's
2000-08-15 C-Note "Hold It Down" feat. Big T, Lil 3rd, Will-Lean [Third Coast Born 2000]
I done seen how they act when they sniffing that ferl
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2005-05-29 Lil' Flip & Z-Ro "Da Cops" feat. Trae [Kings of The South]
I'm still down with Will Lean, cause he kept it one hundred

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