cited at 7 senses as a primary artist, including:

2013-04-01 Wiley "Can You Hear Me (Ayayaya)" feat. JME, Ms. D, Skepta [The Ascent]
Check the peng ting, she's gonna hang with me
2013-04-01 Wiley "Humble Pie" [The Ascent]
She ain't calling me again, though, pinged us as well, though, and them peng ones
2014-11-03 Wiley "Step 21" [Snakes & Ladders]
Blue Ciroq, peng tings in the hot tub
2007-06-04 Wiley "Baby Girl" [Playtime Is Over]
Put on a screw-face just like me
2017-01-13 Wiley "Joe Bloggs" feat. Newham Generals, President T [Godfather]
So old school, I still purchase without receipt
2014-11-03 Wiley "Grew Up In" feat. Solo 45, Stormzy [Snakes & Ladders]
Complacent shotta gets robbed for a belly
2014-11-03 Wiley "No Skylarking" [Snakes & Ladders]
Chillin' on the street with a gyal that we got, cuh really it's this why I picked up a mic, though
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2014-03-18 Zdot "Bud Light" feat. Manga, Saskilla, Tommy Spitz, Tre Mission, Wiley [Ambition V2]
I was in the GTA with the jetpack
2016-03-04 Kano "3 Wheel-Ups" feat. Giggs, Wiley [Made in the Manor]
Can't look inside the window, nigga, peep those tints
2016-03-04 Kano "3 Wheel-Ups" feat. Giggs, Wiley [Made in the Manor]
Boiling point, I keep it 100
2012-11-26 Tulisa "Visa" feat. Wiley [Female Boss]
I go hard, you better ask

origin: Bow, London, England, UK