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1998-04-28 WC "Call It What You Want" [The Shadiest One]
Gaffled by the feds 3, 4 times and never told nothin
2007-08-14 WC "This Is Los Angeles" [Guilty By Affiliation]
Where gunfire's rampant, the one-time be gafflin'
2011-03-08 WC "That's What I'm Talking About" feat. DJ Crazy Toones [Revenge of The Barracuda]
I'm a nut for cheese and Chuck T's
1998-04-28 WC "Just Clownin'" [The Shadiest One]
The shadiest nigga, what's crackin', who got the sack?
1998-04-28 WC "Worldwide Gunnin'" [The Shadiest One]
All you bitch politicians, what's crackin?
1998-04-28 WC "Hog" [The Shadiest One]
Fuck these niggas, what's crackin'?
1998-04-28 WC "Keep Hustlin'" feat. E-40, Too $hort [The Shadiest One]
Fonzarelli, what's crackin, loc?
1998-04-28 WC "The Outcome" feat. DJ Crazy Toones [The Shadiest One]
I wanna say "what's cracking" to the whole Westside Connect gang
2002-11-12 WC "Let's Make A Deal" feat. Gangsta, Lina [Ghetto Heisman]
What's crackin', nigga, where you at?
2007-08-14 WC "Paper Trippin'" feat. Nate Dogg [Rush Hour 2 Soundtrack]
Uhh, yeah, what's crackin, y'all?
1998-04-28 WC "Hog" [The Shadiest One]
Totin' chronic, smokin' bionic, workin' them 'draulics
1994-07-19 Coolio "U Know Hoo" feat. WC [It Takes A Thief]
Wit an old-ass janky 38 causing ruckus
2003-05-20 DJ Kay Slay "Coast To Coast Gangstas" feat. Bun B, Hak Ditty, Joe Budden, Killer Mike, Sauce Money, WC [The Streetsweeper Vol. 1]
Soon as he ran his mouth, one tre pound seven to nine
2002-08-06 Scarface "I Ain't The One" feat. WC [The Fix]
I ain't the one that's getting jacked for his new deuces
1999-07-13 Gang Starr "The Militia II (Remix)" feat. Rakim, WC [Full Clip]
Gun-clappin, chump smackin, kiss the ring of your highness
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1989 Low Profile "Keep Em' Flowin'" [We're In This Together]
Don't sleep on the W, dope lyrics are mandatory
1999-07-13 Gang Starr "The Militia II (Remix)" feat. Rakim, WC [Full Clip]
It's WC, the jankiest loc, I'm runnin this here
2002-08-06 Scarface "I Ain't The One" feat. WC [The Fix]
It's WC and Face back on 'em draulics
2002-11-12 WC "Wanna Ride" feat. Ice Cube, MC Ren [Ghetto Heisman]
Dub-Cee! The bandana president with the gauge on the ghetto
2006-01-10 The Game "My Lowrider" feat. Chingy, Crooked I, E-40, Ice Cube, Lil Rob, Paul Wall, Techniec, WC [Stop Snitchin, Stop Lyin]
W and P and CPT, we keeping it G
2007-08-14 WC "Jack & The Bean Stalk" [Guilty By Affiliation]
Dub sheisty, I'm thirsty, nigga, ready to eat