Violent J
Violent J

cited at 3 senses as a primary artist, including:

2003-11-18 Esham "Dem Boys" feat. Violent J [Repentance]
This ones for them boys with the slugs in they mouth
2002-10-15 Esham "La La La" feat. Violent J [Acid Rain]
You can't get in for sellin cakes, for for sellin cakes, or or sniffin flakes
2003-11-18 Esham "Dem Boys" feat. Violent J [Repentance]
Left hand bust the roscoe, right hand hold the whip steady
2005-06-28 Twiztid "So High" feat. Lavel, Violent J [Man's Myth (Vol. 1)]
I only smoke bammer if it's carefully sifted
2003-11-18 Esham "Boom" feat. Violent J [Repentance]
All y'all must pay when the buckshots spray
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2006-06-28 Blaze Ya Dead Homie "Hatchet Execution" [1 Less G In The Hood]
I get violent like J and then I spray up the room

origin: Berkley, Michigan, USA