Vinnie Paz
Vinnie Paz

cited at 40 senses as a primary artist, including:

2010-06-21 Vinnie Paz "Brick Wall" feat. Demoz, Ill Bill [Season of The Assassin]
You could smoke wet and get smoked with the eagle
2010-06-21 Vinnie Paz "Righteous Kill" [Season of The Assassin]
Drink 40s, smoke l's, push the white and krill
2018-09-28 Vinnie Paz "Necklace of Heads" [The Pain Collector]
The trap boys still cookin' the brick
2010-06-21 Vinnie Paz "Righteous Kill" [Season of The Assassin]
Wait your motherfuckin turn like a hype-man
2012-02-02 Vinnie Paz "Watch Out" feat. Esoteric, General Steele, Jus Allah, King Magnetic [The Priest of Bloodshed]
Organize, rhyme my lines
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2002-11-19 Canibus "Liberal Arts" feat. Vinnie Paz [Mic Club: The Curriculum]
The H.N.I.C. that narrates, innate intelligent interface
2007-09-18 Percee P "Watch Yo Step" feat. Guilty Simpson, Vinnie Paz [Perseverance]
In the waistline where the roscoe's kept
2011-08-23 Apathy "Honkey Kong" feat. Vinnie Paz [Honkey Kong]
Eric B. with dooky ropes, so call me the dope man
2008-07-18 Doap Nixon "The Wait Is Over" feat. Reef The Lost Cauze, Vinnie Paz [Sour Diesel]
Stick knock like a pregnant jawn
2002-10-08 7L & Esoteric "Speak Now" feat. Apathy, Vinnie Paz [Dangerous Connection]
Seven thirty bug when you actually one eighty, a halfway thug
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origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA