Vanilla Ice
Vanilla Ice

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1990-08-28 Vanilla Ice "Hooked" [To The Extreme]
Let me do the wild thing, you're hooked
1991-03 Vanilla Ice "Satisfaction" [Extremely Live]
She moved my hands off her booty, cause she was a skeeze
1990-08-28 Vanilla Ice "Ice Ice Baby" [To The Extreme]
The chumps acting ill because they're full of eight ball
1990-08-28 Vanilla Ice "Rosta Man" [To The Extreme]
I drop 'em like a bumrush
1990-08-28 Vanilla Ice "It's A Party" [To The Extreme]
The 808 kickin' bass from a dope drum track
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1991-06-18 3rd Bass "Kick Em In The Grill" feat. Chubb Rock [Derelicts of Dialect]
Vanilla sold seven million copies of some shit that was wack

origin: South Dallas, Dallas, Texas, USA