cited at 17 senses as a primary artist, including:

2011-11-29 Vakill "Beast Ballad" feat. Crooked I, Juice, Nino Bless, Rhymefest [Armor of God]
This that new chi, neck's frosty, bars is Windex-glossy
2003-05-05 Vakill "Sickplicity" [The Darkest Cloud]
My quotes cockblock throats til MCs unable to respond
2003-05-05 Vakill "The Flyer" [The Darkest Cloud]
Chief with Twista 'til then, for now I keeps it moving
2003-05-05 Vakill "Til The World Blows Up" [The Darkest Cloud]
So much trauma scribed on my melon, mob, you liable to find tribal design tumors
2011-11-29 Vakill "Armor of God" [Armor of God]
Who want test V-A sword?
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origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA