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2001-11-06 Usher "U Make Me Wanna (Remix)" feat. Daz Dillinger [Who Ride Wit Us (Compilation)]
Chillin like a villain sayin what you thinkin of
2010-08-24 Usher "Get In My Car" feat. Bun B, Polow Da Don [Versus/Raymond V. Raymond (Deluxe Edition)]
Well, it's big Bun B, da mayne, back on my B.I.
2001 Usher "U Don't Have To Call (Remix)" feat. Ludacris [U Don't Have To Call]
A-town, hit the block and get rowdy
2004-03-15 Usher "Yeah (Remix)" feat. Baby Cham, Lil Jon, Ludacris [Yeah (Remix)]
Peace up, A-town down
2010-08-24 Usher "She Don't Know" feat. Ludacris [Raymond V. Raymond]
Get me bodied like Beyoncé
2016-09-16 Usher "No Limit" feat. Young Thug [Hard II Love]
Martyr outsmart the Rari, Rari
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1998-07-21 Cam'Ron "Feels Good" feat. Usher [Confessions of Fire]
Puffin' dime sacks to see where my mind be at
1998-07-21 Cam'Ron "Feels Good" feat. Usher [Confessions of Fire]
I'm a grimy cat
2012-07-31 Rick Ross "Touch'n You" feat. Usher [God Forgives, I Don't]
Pink champagne for my dime piece
1998-07-21 Cam'Ron "Feels Good" feat. Usher [Confessions of Fire]
I met a dime, and the girl is lovely
2009-12-08 Gucci Mane "Spotlight" feat. Usher [The State Vs. Radric Davis]
Know I got that long cake
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2008-03-07 Snoop Dogg "Ridin' In My Chevy" [Ego Trippin]
Niggaz keep simpin, they wanna be Usher

origin: Atlanta, Georgia, USA