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2006-10-03 Unk "Flatline" [Beat'n Down Yo Block]
Now A-town stomp that ass, watch me bow his ass up
2006-10-03 Unk "Intro" feat. DJ Jelly [Beat'n Down Yo Block]
Now they may rock the party, see me, I'm off the yam
2006-10-03 Unk "Hold On Ho" feat. Baby D, DJ Montay, Parlae [Beat'n Down Yo Block]
We smokin purple kush, bitch, this ain't no motherfuckin reggie
2006-10-03 Unk "Coming Down Da Street" feat. Loko [Beat'n Down Yo Block]
You know I gotta get that guac'
2006-10-03 Unk "Smokin' Sticky Sticky" [Beat'n Down Yo Block]
Sippin 'gnac, whip the 'llac, some trippin', smokin' that
2008-03-18 Sheek Louch "We Comin'" feat. Unk [Silverback Gorilla]
D-Block, nigga, pump it to the max

origin: Atlanta, Georgia, USA