Tyler, The Creator
Tyler, The Creator

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2013-04-02 Tyler, The Creator "Trashwang" feat. Jasper, L-Boy, Lee Spielman, Left Brain, Lucas, Nakel, Taco [Wolf]
Paying all these ratchets' phone bills
2011-05-10 Tyler, The Creator "Nightmare" [Goblin]
You on the side of faggots and cock blockers
2011-05-10 Tyler, The Creator "Bitch Suck Dick" feat. Jasper Dolphin, Taco [Goblin]
Don't give a fuck, I never roll Slauson
2010-02-24 Tyler, The Creator "Jack & The Beanstalk" [Bastard]
With a four finger ring, like I can't spell my fuckin name
2010-02-24 Tyler, The Creator "Session" feat. Brandun Deshay, Hodgy Beats [Bastard]
I got five on this.. I got five on it too, my nigga
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2010-10-31 Mellowhype "Chordaroy" feat. Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler, The Creator [BlackenedWhite]
Swag me up, swag is us, who can tell me how the fuck
2010-10-31 Mellowhype "Fuck The Police" feat. Tyler, The Creator [BlackenedWhite]
Left brain is a 51-50
2010-02-24 Mellowhype "Rasta" feat. Tyler, The Creator [YelloWhite]
Niggaz in the evening, chillin like a villain in December
2010-10-31 Mellowhype "Fuck The Police" feat. Tyler, The Creator [BlackenedWhite]
Bitch, I'm smokin O.G.
2008-11 Odd Future (OFWGKTA) "The Tape Intro" feat. Tyler, The Creator [The Odd Future Tape]
Whether you nigga or ese
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2013-08-20 Earl Sweatshirt "Chum" [Doris]
Searching for a big brother, Tyler was that, plus he liked how I rap

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